I'm a front-end web developer living in Potrero Hill, San Francisco. My love affair with the Internet began after I started a small ecommerce business. This experience ultimately changed the direction of my education and professional path. This business has come and gone, but my passion for the web and technology has only grown.

After graduating college I took a job with a small conversion optimization company. During this time, I learned firsthand the importance of quality UX and ultimately how it effects visitor conversion. These experiences taught me what makes a good website, and ultimately lead me to learn front-end development.

Hobbies Personal Life

I love the outdoors and particularly surfing… small waves, big waves, long boarding, short boarding, it doesn't matter I just love being in the ocean. My other passion is music. When I'm not jamming with friends, I'm Listing to music, learning a new instrument, or seeking out live music.

Why San Francisco

In 300 years from now when historians are writing about the great information and technological revolution, they will be writing about the bay area. I chose to move to San Francisco because I wanted to surround myself with the brightest minds and talent of this era, not to mention the abundance of musical talent, and world-class surfing.